Floating dragon hold and spin


Floating Dragon Hold And Spin is a fast emerging casino game that is currently gaining popularity among the bettors. A new version of this casino game is ‘Progressive Jackpot', which is yet another variant of this fast emerging game. To know more about this highly addictive game, you have to read this brief review.

The mechanics of this fast emerging slot machine game are based on a simple principle. Players put a spin value on the button and it will match the highest possible value i.e. 10. If you hit the button when the spin value is maximum, you would gain a jackpot prize. Same way, if you hit the button at a lower value, you would lose some money instead of gaining profit.

Floating Dragon Hold And Spin is a simple slot machine game with four wheels. The player can move his mouse wheel towards any direction like clockwise or counterclockwise in order to alter its direction. This is quite an easy task, as seen from the following screen shot. Click on any one wheel to rotate it. The following three wheels are on top of the other two and are in horizontal positions. You can easily see how this rotating motion can be used to increase winning chances in this new slot machine game called floating hold and spin.

A few basic rules may help you in playing this slot machine game better. Initially, you should know that coins are inserted into the machine through the front door of the casino. You can see the reel inside the unit through the window. The first type of reel, the progressive is the same as the regular one but with double coins inserted on it. It pays one coin for each spin and two coins for a jackpot.

The second type of reel which is called the hold and spin mode is quite similar to the progressive mode except that it pays three coins per spin. When the icons on the screen change, it means that a new jackpot is ready to be won. This game has a very simple set up and is one of the newer entrants in the online slot games. This game has a light sound in the machine and a graphical user interface which are quite attractive and user friendly.

The main aim of the developers of this slot machine is to give the users a wonderful time while they play the casino games. As a result, they have kept the graphics at a very low level so that it does not interfere with the gamer's concentration while he plays. The new slot machine called Floating Dragon Hold And Spin is not only a revolutionary gambling device but also a great way to entertain your family members at home. This is a very nice addition to the slots that are already present at most of the casinos across the world. If you wish to have an experience that will make you forget the routine day-to-day life, then opt for the Floating Dragon Hold And Spin slot machine. It is sure to bring a new experience into your casino lifestyle.