European Online Casinos: How Are They Differ?

European online casinos

Online gambling is prevalent in both the United States of America and European countries. However, there are similarities, such as its successful popularity among adult entertainment.

There are notably several factors that show the difference in European online casinos and how they operate their platforms. In this article, we will be discussing the difference between gambling in Europe compared to the US, where web-based casinos are also commonly used.


European Online Casinos: Game Selection Preference

European online casinos game selection

Like many other things such as pop culture, trends, and food, Europeans have a different preference for the games they choose to play on web-based casinos. A few examples include the popular casino game in the United States, which is Blackjack.

In Europe, they much prefer to play Roulette games and the card game Baccarat. As simple as it may seem, it is only a matter of preference and which games they find more entertaining than other countries, specifically, the US.


Rules and Regulations

European online casinos rules and regulation

The European government controls gambling rules with its laws restricting some states in the European Union participating in this specific form of adult entertainment.

This has even resulted in the other countries implementing IP blocking and banning these casino websites from ensuring that the other international operators and platforms are kept out.


Image and Advertising

There is an evident difference in the image associated with gambling in the EU and the US. Gambling in Europe is more common as it is more accessible to the people there, while Americans see it more as a luxury given the need to travel to gambling specialized places such as Las Vegas.

Given the difference in gambling behavior, it is understandable why it is seen as an indulgence to one, and an ordinary guilty pleasure to some.


European Online Casinos and US Slot Machines

European online casinos

One thing that stands out is the United States’ love for slot games and machines. When we were tackling gaming preference, it would be hard for a person to see a slot machine in Europe. Although it is available in the online casinos they have, slot games aren’t as popular as in the US.



There are notable differences in how Europeans operate their web-based casinos. There are also similarities to the US, but this article gives light to the key differences. With the popularity of online gambling continuously rising, it won’t be surprising if more game variations are added and possibly sway these preferences around.

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